Legendary Digital Networks (LDN)

Legendary Digital Networks (LDN) was formed in 2014 to bridge the gap between forward-thinking creatives and the resources they need to fulfill their visions. Supporting digital channels Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, and Smart Girls, LDN is committed to building supportive communities for fans that are driven to do more than just consume their media — we foster engagement and participation.

The channels of Legendary Digital Networks are home to the endeavors of television and internet luminaries like Felicia Day, and Amy Poehler. We engage our audience where they digitally live: be it through highly interactive social media experiences or matching a creator’s video output to the right distribution platform, we are able to connect with fans on any device.

In 2014, the Legendary Digital Networks captivated the attention of a fiercely loyal, passionate fan base driving 118 million pageviews to our sites and more than 225 million video views. By frequently sharing and championing our content, fans instigate conversations that spread quickly via the Network’s sizable social media presence amongst 18-39 year olds, everyone’s favorite demographical barometer of what’s trending. The exponential sharing from that base has thus far resulted in 4 billion impressions.

The LDN family of sites work together to find opportunities that organically present partner messaging to our communities. We work with brands that want to connect with an audience through innovative content. When our fans gather, we build experiences that fuse fun, style, and entertainment into once-in-a-lifetime moments.