GODZILLA – Digital HD & Blu-ray

GODZILLA – Digital HD & Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of GODZILLA on Digital HD & Blu-ray, we’ve pulled together all of the online features and links.

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Godzilla – 8 Bit Cinema

The King of the Monsters gets the throwback 8 Bit treatment, courtesy of our friends at Cinefix.

GODZILLA Trailer Maker

Create your very own trailer for GODZILLA!
Using all the best scenes, audio and effects from GODZILLA, it is your turn to produce a trailer for The King.


Map of the Pacific

More secrets have emerged concerning the Janjira Nuclear Reactor meltdown in Japan. Below, see the exclusive videos of what Monarch tried to cover up.



Have you tried GODZILLA STOMP?
WARNING: Destruction follows.