Fan Art Friday: Man of Steel

Fan Art Friday: Man of Steel

When it comes to art, Legendary fans are no amateurs. We love to see your spin on great characters in action. That’s why each Friday, we want to thank you for your work by highlighting some of your outstanding pieces. This week, Man of Steel goes under the pencil (and airbrush). Like what you see? Check out our fan art Pinterest for more.

Stunning pencil drawing of Man of Steel in flight. 

(Source: Tengari)

“It’s not an S. On my world it means hope.” 

(Source: Rudyao)

Superman vs. Zod.

(Source: N8MA)

(Source: p1xer)

Clark Kent: “The world’s too big, Mom”
Martha Kent: “Then make it small.” 


(Source: Hideyoshi)