Epochalypse Issue #1 Arrives in Stores + Lightning Session Interview with Writer Jonathan Hennessey

Epochalypse Issue #1 Arrives in Stores + Lightning Session Interview with Writer Jonathan Hennessey

From writer Jonathan Hennessey and artist Shane Davis, Issue #1 of the mind-bending new series Epochalypse arrives in stores today. To celebrate the release, we decided to give a glimpse behind the scenes with the creative team behind the comic. For info on how to buy the comic, head to the bottom of this post.

Writer Jonathan Hennessey took part in our latest installment of Lightning Sessions, an interview series where comics creators, store owners and key players get to weigh in on the current state of comics through quick-hitting questions. Below is a preview from hisLightning Session which can be found in full on the Legendary Comics Tumblr.


Legendary: What about the future of comics are you most excited about?

Jonathan Hennessey: Storytelling is key to what it means to be human. Children seem to be born with an innate love of storytelling that uses a combination of words and pictures. But at the same time, we’re still dogged by a cultural prejudice that elevates the written word over visuals of any kind. Too many kids stop reading for fun once, around 4th grade or so, this prejudice kicks in and they get pushed to more “grown up” books – books composed of words only.

Comics, however, are coming to be accepted as an ever more legitimate storytelling form. And you’re starting to see them assigned as reading material for older and older students.

This, I think, will propel more young people to retain their natural love of reading. The result will be a population explosion of sophisticatedly literate readers and writers. I can’t wait to see the stories and perspectives that coming generations will bring to the medium. I can’t wait to have my expectations shaken up and reshuffled again.


Witness as Shane Davis‘ art comes to life through these exclusive animations from the Legendary Comics Tumblr.View the full set here.


And on the Legendary Comics Facebook today (11/19/14), we are giving away several copies to fans. Head there now for your chance to win!


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