A Town Called Dragon Issue #3 – In Stores Now + Exclusive Interview with Artist Geoff Shaw

A Town Called Dragon Issue #3 – In Stores Now + Exclusive Interview with Artist Geoff Shaw

With A Town Called Dragon: Issue #3 hitting stores today, we sat down with artist Geoff Shaw to hear about his influence when designing the Dragon and his experience working with the creative team.


Legendary: What inspired and influenced the dragon designs? How is this one different and unique?

Geoff Shaw: I think when it comes to dragons, ultimately they are pure fiction, so the options for designing one are virtually limitless. That being said, because they’ve been the source for countless stories, a sort of common vernacular has been used to describe them over the years, kind of like Unicorns, only deadlier.

This Dragon isn’t merely a plot point, it’s the headliner, so I think the stakes were raised a bit to come up with a look that would not only look really cool, fresh, and terrifying, but would also be fun (and managable) to draw over and over and over. The design process then was one of cherry picking what elements I liked from various incarnations from film and Comics, of which there are so many. I also referenced real animals, lizards and birds in particular, which helped a great deal in understanding how this thing would actually move. What I arrived at was something I hope will stand out amongst the pantheon of Dragon tales out there.

Also, the story focuses around one dragon, but we see him(or her) grow from infant to full grown in the span of the whole story, so what you get is actually several versions of the creature. Now that’s a bargain!

Legendary: How has your experience been working with Legendary Comics?

Geoff Shaw: Working with Legendary has been a dream. Bob Schreck and Greg Tumbarello set me up with an amazing creative team, and really let me spread my wings and do my thing to bring this story to life. Working with such high caliber talent as Judd Winick and Jamie Grant is every artist’s dream. Judd crafted a real thrillride of a script, packed to the brim with heart and horror, and thankfully I think we were all in sync as far as how we envisioned it hitting the page. Couple that with Jamie’s brilliant colors, and Sean Konot’s expertly crafted word balloons,  the whole creative process just flowed. In every sense, I felt that this was a team that wanted to tell not only a great story, but make a great comic, and I could not have been more fortunate to have been a part of it.


Issue #1-3 are in stores now so head to your nearest comic book shop to pick up your copy or download digitally via comiXiology!

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Did you know that Geoff Shaw was also one of the pencilers on Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero?